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As I was in your shoes a few years back - been a while since shooting all my Dads stuff and he is a .45 guy. Didn't even have a 9mm except for an old Luger from my great uncle.

Anyway, fast forward. He now has a 9mm Kel Tek for carry, and I have a safe full of .22 and 9mm. No .40 and a few .45's.

All the guns mentioned are good - but you didn't mention price? I would go for a good d/a hammer for first. This allows (in my experience) better practice with dry firing, but that is just me compared to striker fired.

So my first gun was the Beretta PX4 Storm in 9mm. Came with a free holster that carried the extra 17rnd mag. So just stock has 34 rounds at my fingertips. That is a lot. Compare to my Dads 1911 and you get 14 or 16 at best and is heavier and bigger.
I love the Px4. Built well, solid for a polymer and ultra reliable. It shoots the rounds that have jammed in other guns (messing with reloading so not other guns fault) without fail. I would highly recommend for first gun. Plus it is not that expensive.

But there are plenty of guns out there. The Beretta 92, Sig (is on my list but a little $$$) and Rugers are good too.
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