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Here in Connecticut WE are toast... The Legislature will soon roll out
the 'new' laws...done deal... the antis here will mop the floor..
2A is going bye bye here, and our Washington crowd is leading the parade...
Blumenthal didn't even reply to any correspondence.. Murphy did, with the the typical anti bs (40%, blah blah)
The locals from Hartford din't do much better...just a few responces thanking me for my letter
( {Read} We've already done the deals, so we don't want your input)

NONE have ever publicly supported 2A... So when the laws pass, and the rush is over, they can say '" we tried " to help,

I can't wait until the NEXT election

*** I hope I am Wrong ***
**** NRA Life Member *****

Connecticut was the Cradle of the Gun Industry, NOW it is just a Pine Box,
Courtesy of our Governor "Chairman MAO Malloy"
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