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Well, if I were a corrupt gub'mint official looking for a way to launder money from the public coffers to my pocket, what better way than via ammunition?

You buy a bunch for "training", gin up a bunch of false invoices via a newly incorporated PO box, gin up a zillion copies of false training records, kick back ten percent to your equally corrupt masters, and cash the checks. Maybe even have a few actual deliveries which you can part out to your own minions for selling at gun show prices.

On orders that large, the opportunities for graft are huge. With the "freedom of the press" now equating to playing three monkeys, even if it were noticed it would go mostly undocumented.

And to pay for it all the Federal Reserve just keeps creating money out of thin air.

It is certainly at least equally as likely as the gub'mint stocking up to wage war on the populace.

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