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So in this mornings edition of USA Today there is a story on Law Enforcement now recommending that teachers confront intruders instead of running or being the victims. In the byline it mentions do so without guns in the school of course. It instructs the teachers to react as violently as possible, including throwing things at the intruder. One LEO states that "We learned from flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 that sometimes you have to fight for your life"
You diidn't post a link to the story and after a brief search, I could not find the particular story to which you were referring (internet force not strong with me this morning). The only story from the 19th I could find was on teachers carrying guns in AZ.

However, confronting an intruder is NOT exclusive from being a victim. Having a gun is not exclusive from being a victim. Lots of

Maybe its just me but if I am a teacher I am thinking to myself, "Ok, now I have to confront the armed intruder with by bare hands because the politically correct in this world have deemed I get no armed guard for my school or a weapon of my own." Haven't I now been reduced to cannon fodder for the mentally ill?
You apparently didn't pay attention to the article or what you wrote to summarize it. Why would you necessarily use your bare hands when you can use various weapons of opportunity in the classroom? Also, nobody says you HAVE TO confront the intruder. It is just a suggested course of action, one of which is your call to implement given the situation.

It's like the "lie back and enjoy it" advice of a few years back, anything but the common sense approach of arming yourself so you can fight back.
That comment was made by pro-gun Republican Texas gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams back around 1980 (more than just a few years ago). It was made in the context of a joke about the weather, not actually meant as true self defense advice. The statement was so outrageous and offensive that it became a signifificant factor in Willimams' loss of the Democrat Ann Richards, the first elected female governor of Texas.
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