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One of the stated core strategies of the anti second amendment groups is to sharply increase the costs of ownership.

They already know that generally, that a big chunk of the gun ownership base is middle income working people

It is a great strategy. increase yearly costs per unit owned. mandate insurance. create licenses that expire with high fees, say every five years at $100, then every three years at $200, per unit. greatly increase the cost of transfer as well.

When gun owners squawk that five guns are costing them a couple a grand a year, they antis have a great response: "why do you need so many guns, are you a nut?" "the gun lovers complaining are the ones with arsenals"

the antis are most alarmed by one thing: long term existence of a large base of owners. the more owners the more voting supporters of the second amendment. the more owners the more non owners who know owners and don't fall for the caricatures of owners as nuts.

there will be lots of very long term strategies aimed at reducing the base and profile of sober legal owners. because long term that is the way to get rid of second amendment support. stigmatization is another
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