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TJ, Thank you for your corcern for the safety of First Responders, with 20+ years in the Fire Service I can tell you a lot of people never consider the hazards that Firefighters and EMS people have to deal with at the average residence.
That being said, my focus recently has been more geared toward securing my stored ammo from theft. With the price of ammo, and the likelyhood of standard capacity mags becoming a hot item on the black market, I am much more concerned about people targeting those caches of goodies. My guns are locked in a safe but for years my ammo supplies were in an unsecured cabinet, and my mags, at least the ones for the guns I carry or keep handy, were in an unlocked drawer. Bad idea these days. I have an old two door office safe converted to a gun safe, then converted for ammo and mag storage when I got a real gun safe. Just something to keep in mind.
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