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SgtLumpy, I have a lot of friends who are cops. I don't dislike cops, in general.

I do dislike cops who think that, because they are cops, it is acceptable for them to decide Terry stops are in order any time they think a person looks out of place. That isn't the standard.

With regard to field interviews, if you aren't detaining the person, the person is not required to participate in the field interview. If you are detaining the person, you had better be able to show more cause than that he is of a different ethnicity than most of the neighborhood, and that he is legally open carrying.

A few cops in Louisiana, and their departments, had learned that the hard way in court, last time I checked.

Am I generally cooperative with, and polite to, the police? Certainly.

Then again, I am generally polite to everybody, until they give me reason not to be.
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