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85 gr .243 Partitions on deer?

We've killed a few deer this season and seasons past with .243 and 100 gr Nosler Partitions. Results have been absolutely positive. But as is my sometimes fault, I cannot let a good thing alone.

What prompted this was the appearance of a Mossberg .243/810M (I guess for Mannlicher) which I had never seen or heard of prior. So I bought it, scoped it with a fixed 6x, and made a dandy shot on a meat buck in the last of our season this year. The load, 100 gr Partitions, of course.

The issue, the Mossberg seems to have an affinity for lighter bullets.
Three 75 gr Fusions plunked into a space coverable by a dime! Three more not so tight, but convincingly clustered.

I am tempted to experiment with a box of 85 gr Partitions if I can find them but am hesitant about the ligher slug weight. I was raised in a heavy bullet clan, and still lean that way. Our deer are not that big, a monster will exceed 175, but 150 and less is more or less typical.

I would like to hear from those using 85 gr Partions on whitetails and similar big game. Not really interested in other slugs, thanks.
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