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I've never liked the factory ejection on the Rossi 92. The Ejector spring is much too stiff, and on mine at least the ejector was so roughed and poorly ground that it needed every ounce of it to eject properly.

Took about an hour and a half with stones, files, sandpaper wrapped around drill bits, lots of steel wool, and quite a few different grades of polish to make it fit right, and mirror smooth.
This is similar to my experience with Rossis, and I've had 6 or 7 in various models. They are so crudely machined that it takes hours of polishing and stoning to get them to operate smoothly. I assume the hour and a half was spent on the ejector, because I spent HOURS polishing the action on my 92. As soon as you got one subassembly working properly it would just make the roughness somewhere else apparent.

I finally got it operating smoothly, then when I shot it the accuracy was only so-so. That's when I swore off Rossis for good.

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