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James K

Reading some of the responses to your post I want to add my $00.02 on this. One of my jobs in a previous life was to train LE with tactics from our side of the fence. (CQB / Hostage rescue / Aircraft assaults / and head of state protection etc.) these were primarily to USDOS / USSS / some large departments.

Having said that..,. I do share the same concerns that you seem to have. The militarism of LE. It seems that every police chief and county sheriff wants a military capability these days. a LOT of problems are being resolved with No Knock warrants and tactical entries that could be accomplished at a lower level of operational tempo.

It used to be that the number one overiding goal was to resolve the mission with no loss of life on EITHER side with minimum damage to property.

a lot of LE are constantly treading a fine line when their "special" teams are lining up on a door with the principles of surprise, speed, and violence of actions driving the entry.

I did a report on the Branch Davidian Fiasco - perfect case in point. - they could have just as easily picked up Koresh earlier when he was in town - but they didn't. The county sheriff had been at the compound several times and served warrants - no problem. (the only legitimate issue on the ATF warrant was a tax issue).

BUT the director wanted to play swat and use all his toys and show off his tactical prowess and it resulted in a fiasco.
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