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I load with win 231 mostly but I am going to buy some HP-38 just to try it out.
I had to chuckle because I just bought my first keg of HP38 because I could not find any W231 in stock. I know it is really stretching my worldview but I am a wild and crazy guy, why not!!

Seriously, TAC is very popular in .223. I even have a pound of it (ssshh, I haven't got around to trying it though!). But Ramshot powders are not as widely available on shelves in normal times as are Hodgdon, Winchester, Alliant and Accurate powders. The Ramshot website actually has an excellent PDF load data sheet for a wide variety of bullets and all their powders. Lack of shelf space and little load data outside their own data sheet limits its popularity.

The older powders have a lot going for them still and there is wisdom in if it aint broke don't fix it. I have enough to do just working up loads for all the new bullets I have to buy when the older ones are no longer made or available. Hey, I reached out several years ago an tried Universal as an alternate to Unique, does that count? I do have to credit my son-in-law for introducing me to some of the newer powders in .223 such as IMR8208xbr and CFE223 (even H335 was "new" to me). I was doing OK with Varget and H4895 but some of the newer ones are pretty darn good. H335 is my favorite for 55-69 gr, but SIL is getting fantastic groups with 8208 over the same bullet weight range.

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