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In a fair world, Biden would be impeached. I don't say that lightly. Encouraging people to step onto their front porch -- he says balcony -- and fire shotgun blasts as warning shots to scare an intruder away is so irresponsible (not to mention tactically unsound) that under any "reasonable" firearms safety test, Biden would be barred from owning guns.
“The egg hatched...” “...the egg hatched... and a hundred baby spiders came out...” (blade runner)
“Who are you?” “A friend. I'm here to prevent you from making a mistake.” “You have no idea what I'm doing here, friend.” “In specific terms, no, but I swore an oath to protect the world...” (continuum)
“It's a goal you won't understand until later. Your job is to make sure he doesn't achieve the goal.” (bsg)
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