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Bought lots years ago and have kept stock current and up til recently and with winter and being busy writing and calling reps, plus all the usual, work, kids, girlfriend have no need for more for awhile. Stocked up on extra magazines for all my guns a couple of years after the first AWB lapsed. So got plenty of everything for now.

Kids do like .22lr though so that will be the first thing I will need to replenish down the road. The real pain is going to be the incredibly higher replacement cost for the ammo when I need to start looking and buying - thank God I reload for all my rifles and .45acp for pistols. May be looking into 9mm reloading down the road too. Keeping an eye on reloading supplies and they are scarce and hard to find around here as well as more expensive.

But no, haven't bought anything in last 6 months. Have donated more money to NRA, ISRA, CCI, and SAF though.
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