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I realize this is a touchy point to bring up, but I can't help wondering if some of the outrage over these pictures is (perhaps unconsciously) due to the fact that all the people shown are white; if this isn't, on some level, what Cooper means when he says "real people," or "real gun owners."
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A) People are inherently viewing the produced targets as nice, friendly, and safe persons because of their social status: Pregnant, elderly, children, white.

There is a subtle level of racism for sure. I picked up on it.

B) The company has every right to make these images and people have every right to shoot at them (if and only if the images are of people who signed the rights of the images to the manufacturer, of course).

C) Using these are insanely immoral, and even moreso immoral if used for military/LEO training. They have a right to do it, but I also would never use these targets for personal/moral/philosophical reasons.
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