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CLPs, gun care...

New gun owners & entry level net-savvy shooters are all around the USA now.

For cleaning & lube, I'd suggest a synthetic CLP or maybe the great German product; Ballistol, . Top choices include; LPX, . I'd add some Hoppes #9 or Butchs Bore Solvent for the barrel. Include a slick Hoppes Viper barrel cleaner too. Brownells markets a 1911 series catalog for gun care parts, spare parts, gear. See: .
Remember to use a small amount of gun oil or CLP. It's not like a salad dressing. Gunsmiths & LE armorers always say improper cleaning or using a lot of grease/oil is a big problem with semi-auto pistols.
For grease or lube products, see; .
A CLP like LPX or Gunzilla(used by many combat troops in SW Asia) is a good start.

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