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I guess I am a firearms clown than since I have fired both select fire and slide fire stocked firearms.. as well as bump fired a few AR-15's and even some M1A's in my day.

I have even dropped a loaded AR-15 out of a moving cars window before..... (Large bump during a move and shoot drill, my driver decided he was going to hit a rock in the middle of the quarry...unfortunately I disconnected my sling to get inside the truck easier, thankfully I built some tough AR's)

Funny thing is all the people with me on the range that day between the few Retired SF guys.. Marines.. Sherrifs.. and State Troopers... no one called me a clown.

Yes a firearm is always dangerous... doesn't mean it cant be a toy. I do have my "serious" use firearms.. but I also work in the industry right now for a living. However my .22 HK MP5 by Umarex... and a few IPSC race guns and what not I own/ have owned.. were nothing but toys... used to play a GAME, where you score points.
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