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IMO, you're askin an awful lot for a rifle. Yes you can do a lot with handloading and many guys have made it work. But your sights won't be on when attempting to use a variety of loads so you got a crap ton of Kentucky windage and elevation going on. Far from ideal.

IMO you need to look at narrowing your range. Think about a small game to varmint/predators gun range or varmints/predators to deer gun range.

Your predicament is why I carry 2 guns much of the time. One long, one short. If I'm carrying a rimfire rifle I carry a centerfire handgun and vice versa.

As for guns....... Sticking with rifles I like my walking guns short and light. My main 10/22 has a 16.5" fluted sporter barrel, my .243 has an 18.5" sporter barrel, my favorite lever gun was a .30-30 with a 16" barrel. Even my 12ga has a 22" choke tube barrel instead of the traditional 26-28". While not on topic a shotgun very well might be your best bet.

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