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Fox Hunting.

I have posted a few threads about my first attempts at hunting and am looking to broaden my horizons. I am building an AR for coyotes but that build is taking a bit of time with the current state of parts supply.

The last time I was out hiking, not hunting or anything I saw a fox and noticed it was a lot smaller than I was thinking they would be. So my question is would a .22 LR with quality ammunition be enough for fox? The only non .22 rifle I own is a 44 mag and that would be a tad overkill lol.

I do not know much about predator hunting but I think learning to call in fox might be a good place to start. Worse case scenario I can see is calling in something larger and just enjoying looking at some predators in action. Thanks in advance for your opinions on this, so far I have gotten some great information on the much more experienced hunters on TFL.
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