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I'm new to gun ownership and bought a few pistols in the last 3 months. At time of purchase of the first gun (SIG P239), 9mm was ~$14/50rds. Then I bought my second semi-auto (SW M&P9c) a month later and the price of 9mm ammo jumped to ~$20/50rds. Keep in mind I hadn't purchased any ammo up to that point because I was still getting all the proper gear, supplies, etc.

Then finally I broke down and got a 22LR semi-auto, thinking that 22LR ammo would be cheap for plinkin. Much to my surprise you can't find it anywhere.

I finally found some 9mm ammo online for $0.40/rd, buckled down and bought 1000rd case. I thought at first I must be nuts, but realized I can only do my part and only buy what I need .

I suspect that eventually things will subside, ammo will be plentiful and reasonable prices will return.

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