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Originally Posted by Doyle
You can make .35 Wheelen brass from a fired 30-06 case (i.e. easily available). How easy is it to find brass for a 9.3X62?
Pretty easy Midway, Graf & Sons as well as many other retailers carry it, or in a pinch make it out of .30-06 brass.

Speer#12 manual:
"For many rifles,case-forming involves simply necking up 30-06 or 35 Whelen brass in the 9.3x62mm sizer die. RCBS dies for this cartridge are furnished with a tapered expander ball to perform this operation in one pass.
However,the chamber shoulder may vary from one rifle to another,and a modified case-forming technique can be used to optimize accuracy and case life. Use a .375" tapered expander to neck up 35 Whelen cases. Gradually size these cases in a 9.3x62mm sizer die,pushing the new shoulder back a little at a time until the rifle's action fully closes on the case with slight resistance. This will leave an auxiliary shoulder to support the case against the firing pin blow. Load with a charge at about 90% of maximum and fire-form. The case shoulder will then be precisely positioned for your rifle. Avoid moving the small shoulder during subsequent resizing. This can create excessive headspace."
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