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My input...

For a new sworn LE career in 2013/2014, I would suggest buying a NIB(new in box) unfired, DA only semi-auto pistol with 3 dot night sights(glow in low light), a 1913-rail for lasers, white lights, etc. a ambi manual safety(frame mounted) & ambi type controls are a big +. You will trained to fire/reload one handed or learn "wounded officer" methods in your skill training. Get a new sidearm that works not just with your bare hands but gloves too.
It should be well engineered & robust to handle wear-use-weather conditions(rain sun snow mud dust). Don't buy cheap knock-offs or off-brands. That's a rookie rig. .
Good sidearm picks include; the PX4 C model in 9x19mm or .40, the SIG Sauer P229R DAK in .40S&W or .357sig, the HK P30 or P2000 LEM(law enforcement modification), the Smith & Wesson Military & Police full size(with manual safety, no magazine safety), the XDm in .357sig or .40, the Glock 22 or 32 gen04 with Trijicon HD 3 dot sights, . The Glock 22 .40 is popular with LE but I prefer the potent .357sig. It's fast, powerful & feeds great.

Some models may have compacts or sub-compacts you can buy for back up use or off-duty. They use the same brand full size pistol mags too.
Glock, SIG Sauer, Beretta, XDm, etc. for example; you could buy a P229R .40 or .357sig, then get a P224 DAK as a back-up. Or a P2000sk .40 or .357sig to back up a larger duty P2000 LEM pistol.
For cleaning products check . A good CLP is LPX, , Weaponshield, Ballistol, or Gunzilla; .
Read the manuals & safety material too. If a lawyer or judge asks you in open court or a hearing, you can be honest.
Carry only factory made or PD approved-issue rounds on LE duty. No hand loaded or reloads. Prices are super high but many LE instructors & armed professionals still advise using only factory made rounds.
For gun sales/resources, see: .
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