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What I am confused about is why people are taking the side of a producer?

I hear that, but when you go back and look at the history of this thread #2 (without ammo pictures) tells the OP tough.

Guns do break...
Really? There are several pieces of evidence you may have missed.

I stand behind S&W and take their side. I'm going to make a few assumptions about the R&D and testing that S&W has done in bringing the weapon to market. I will bet you paychecks they have more data on the strength of the polymer frame and barrel of that gun than you can read in a week. I imagine it includes enough scientific evidence to reasonably prove that no normally produced SAAMI spec factory loads can blow out the side and back strap of the frame and tie up the chamber as this one was. I bet they have an estimate of the CPU/PSI required to do this to the weapon with great confidence. They may have also been able to carefully inspect and measure the subject chamber and barrel to determine that it was of size and condition that could not have resulted from factory ammo.

Where I work, clues lead to evidence and reasonable conclusions that the majority can clearly understand and comprehend beyond a reasonable doubt. Here we have several clues and at least one piece of damning photographic evidence (reloaded rounds) that are not in the OPs favor.

That is why nearly everyone is supporting S&W.
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