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Hmmmm . . . Maye in some places some folks are "buying all they can get" but out here in Tucson . . a person is limited. Sportsmen's Warehouse will not raise their prices unless the mfg. does to them (which I applaud). You have to get there before they open on a Friday morning -they give out a limited amount of numbers and then you wait your turn until your number is called. They will tell you in advance how many boxes of what caliber, primers, etc. you are allowed. I consider what they are doing to be very fair. However, when I was there, several "gangbangers" were their and they, as well as a number of others, took the max of everything. It doesn't take any brains to know that those jokers are buying to resell at a good profit and I wouldn't be surprised that with some of the buyers, it was on Craigs List within several hours.

The day I was there, they had no 38 spl. We stopped at another gun store and I was surprised that they had a limited amount of various calibers in stock - and you were limited to purchasing three boxes. I ended up buying 2 boxes of 38 spl target WC and a very reasonable price.

I have a small quantity of various calibers but I refuse to buy more if I don't need it nor will I pay the goughing prices that some are trying to charge. I have started shooting more 22 rimfire - primarily because of the cost but the supply of that is pretty scarce as well. Hopefully, the clowns that are buying and stockpiling ammo that they'll never use will either run out of space or money soon. Greed is a terrible thing . . . both in buying and stockpiling more than you need as well as charging more that it is worth. . . but I guess that's human nature?
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