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I have loaded True Blue in .32 H&R Mag, .327 Federal, and 9mm.

In the .32 H&R and 9mm, it worked ok. I used mid-range load data for both cartridges, and had no trouble with pressures, but, accuracy is less than stellar (ok for soda cans at 15 feet, but they are definitely not target loads) compared to loads with different powder, but same bullets, at the same velocities.

The .327 Federal was a whole different animal. Severe pressure signs with even moderate loads, and very inconsistent accuracy. I tired different powder charges and bullet weights, but was flattening primers with just about every load I tried. Very inconsistent performance overall for me.

I still load it for the 9mm and .32 H&R Mag, cause I dont really want to try and work up loads for any other pistol cartridges with it, and I am trying to get rid of what I have left. I bought it cause it was $5 a .lb cheaper than other powders at the time, but after loading with it for a bit, I don't see myself buying any more.
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