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Rock River Elite Operator 2 Owner since '09

I've owned my RRA Elite Operator 2 since 2009. I managed to get mine for just shy over $900, but I'd say in today's market $1100 or $1200 is not a bad price.

Mine has never malfunctioned, even after taking a carbine course, and extended shooting sessions. It probably the only fire arm that I've never had a malfunction with, other than my Kahr K9 Elite, and that probably hasn't had enough rounds through it to malfunction yet. So, for 3000 or so rounds through it, that's not a bad track record.

I've played the with configuration of my rifle quite a bit, I don't really dig the old RRA Partial Quad Rails. They are super heavy and seem to hold the heat in. I've got a Troy rail on mine now and it seems to cool much better.

It probably shoots around 1 MOA, I'd say, because I was getting 1/2" groups (all touching/same hole) from a bench at 50 meters. The factory trigger is nice for an AR, too. That's with bulk American Eagle brass. It might shoot better with match grade ammunition.

I'd say go for it, either that or wait for prices to drop.

For the record: the gas keys on RRA's AR's are properly staked. In fact, just about everything on the gun is red loctited into place, so nothing will move on you... that can be crappy for people like me who like to change everything they can on their guns. But RRA's don't fall apart.
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