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Clyde Frog. I do not want to get into a debate about Posse Comitatus (ditto on spelling) as this is not the subject of the thread. It is, however, my understanding that the Act does not apply to National Guard troops as long as they are under State or in this case DC control. Once they are federalized then the Act would apply.

The major difference between Military and Local Law enforcement is in my opinion MIND SET.

The military is designed to break things and inflict the most damage possible to achieve a goal. I think it is best described by the Infantry Mission statement. "To close with and destroy the enemy by means of fire and maneuver." Prior to the McNamara era it read "To close with and kill the enemy....".

The standard LEO motto is "To Protect and Serve". To me this motto means that as a law enforcement Officer I am to protect people and property at almost all cost. That is why we have negotiators who spend hours and days trying to peaceably resolve a situation. That is why we were so incensed by the conduct of the Akron OH police officer.

These are opposing positions. By adopting military tactics and training, the LEO will tend to lose the Protect and serve mind set. The recent shooting of two vehicles by LEOs during the recent manhunt shows what happens when the Military mind set embeds it's self into the Law enforcement community.

Sort of a shoot first and sort it out later as opposed to an evaluate the situation and get everyone out alive.

The military mind set first started in the SWAT movement. These units were designed and intended to resolve situations as a last resort. The members of these teams developed an ethos and swagger which less qualified officers started to emulate.

Managers further further contributed to the problem by employing these shock troops in situations which did not require their specialized training. After all you can't have a group of highly trained/paid officers setting around waiting for something to happen. They started using them in situations which did not indicate a need for the hard corp tactics.

The attitude then started to permeate entire departments as wannabee SWATS started applying the hard attitudes to all situations. This attitude is causing a further isolation of the Officers and the public they are sworn to serve and protect.
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