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I put the fiber optic front sight on my 22/45. It shows up very well but the round profile IMO makes it a little tougher to hold elevation consistantly. Seeing as the pistol comes with a rail I also tried a cheapo BSA halo red dot. I was very pleased even with the lesser quality RD. Only problem I had was that the scrwews that hold the power knob came loose. A dab of LC and its back in business. A red dot is very useful in helping to learn a natural point and makes your flaws very obvious. the practice with the 22/45 let me make 2-1/2 to 3" groups with irons on my Kimber at 25. 15yd 1" or less.
point is that the red dot made me better all around. If your putting it on a 22 I dont think there is an issue with cheapo units. If it was a heavy recoil gun I would have went with a better unit. Looking at a Burris FFIII for my Kimber.
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