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I'm almost exactly the same size as you, and carry a full-sized pistol whenever feasible. My wardrobe is slightly dressier, ordinarily consisting of khakis, sportcoat and maybe a tie, or even a suit. As a lawyer, my work wardrobe is somewhat limited.

As others have noted, you'll need a good belt. While I do not have a Beltman belt, his work comes highly recommended, from everything I've read. I have an Aker B21 that provides plenty of support for carrying without screaming "GUNBELT!"

Given that you are in real estate and insurance, consider adding a sportcoat to your wardrobe. It should blend right in in that environment, and provide you with a good cover garment. Get it just slightly larger than you would normally wear to provide room for your holster.

I have a Theis IWB, horsehide & kydex hybrid. For OWB, I recently got a Desantis Speed Scabbard. The Theis is very good for IWB, but some of my pants are a wee bit snug for IWB carry. When I wear pants that would render IWB uncomfortable, I go with the OWB. The sportcoat provides plenty of cover.
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