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My daughter and my son both started on a Chipmunk. It was a very safe gun for them--single shot, good safety.

I bought it for my daughter when she finished hunter safety class when she was 12. It was a special order at the gun shop. When we went in to pick it up, the shop owner placed it on the counter and opened the box. I gave her a nod to pick it up and she asked the guy where the safety was. She checked that it was on safe, then with perfect muzzle control, she picked it up, pulled the bolt all the way back, and did a visual inspection to make sure it was empty. Her finger stayed outside the trigger guard the whole time. When she was done checking it out she handed it back. The shop owner said that he wished that everyone who came in his shop would handle the guns that safe. It was a proud dad moment. The Chipmunk was a good starter gun.
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