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I've never had a bad experience with any LE. That's not to say I haven't had LE confront me.
I was in one of the local Wawas' which I walked to one Saturday morning. Evidently some woman with nothing better to do called the police. The cop caught me red handed buying rolls.

He asked for my LTCF. For his trouble, I told him I didn't have it on me because I was on foot and didn't need one.
He told me a woman had reported a man with a gun. I said to him, ''you found me''. ''Can I go now''?
He kinda snickered and said, ok, we always have to check out ''these kind of calls''.
I responded with, good thing there aren't hundreds of us running around Wawas' with guns strapped to our hips. He told me I was the only guy he's ever seen carrying in that manner. I said to him, yeah, it's pretty rare around here. Tell the rest of the guys, I'm local and you'll be seeing me a lot more of me.

If the LEO had gone any farther with his inquiry, it could have been less than friendly. The cop could clearly see, I wasn't doing anything suspicious and left it go at that. He didn't even have the right to asked me for my license, but I wasn't going to bother explaining the firearms codes to him.
Our police are decent guys and always come post hast when I've had a problem. I considered it a win win.
BTW, I forgot to wear my ''gang banger'' cloths.

I open carry all summer. I've OCed in just about every Wells Fargo and TD bank in the area. Out to dinner, weddings, funerals, you name it. Hell, I've OCed in our local police station.
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