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MLeake wrote:
Sgt Lumpy, profile much?
Absolutely. So do you and so does EVERY citizen.

You see a pregnant lady with a baby stroller and a sidearm.
You see a guy in gang colors, chinos, whatever if popular in your area for thugs.

Which raises your suspicion more?

More importantly, you're now a cop and you're talking to either of them. One of them is confrontational. Wont give his/her identification. Quotes a bunch of laws that he thinks "You should be aware of". How does that make you feel as the cop? Do you feel "Oh that's good to know that this person is exercising their rights and informing me of all the stuff that I forgot from cop school. I think I'll go tell that little old lady complainant she's over-reacting to a strange, out of place looking with a gun in front of her house".

Change scenarios again. You're now that little old lady in her house in her neighborhood where she's lived for 50 years. You look out your window and see a black/hispanic/Asian/white/biker/whatever guy that you've never seen before. He's in front of your house and he has a gun. Compare that to - You see your neighbor Bill, the guy that you see every week mowing his lawn. That guy has a pistol on his hip. Who makes you more suspicious?

NOBODY is immune from "profiling" no matter how politically correct and new-age hip it may want to sound. You can make it sound like it's racial if you like. It's not. But a white guy with a gun in an all black neighborhood or vice versa, that's initially suspicious until the situation is over.

So if you want to feel better thinking I'm a "bad cop who profiles" be my guest. But I do. You do. Everyone does. Or at least everyone should. Especially us - gun carriers. WE should be really good at quickly scanning a scenario and thinking "something seems out of place". If that something ends up proving otherwise, that's great. But if that out of place something only tries to make things seem MORE out of place by arguing, confronting etc. with the cops or anyone, that's exit time. Angry people with guns are not a good mix. Even if nothing tragic happens, it sends a horrible message to the liberal gun grabbers who think we're all thugs.

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