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new to concealed carry...

I'd add that if you are looking for a entry level CC weapon or something practical for home defense & carry, I'd start with a DA only(no spur or cocking) .357mag/.38spl revolver like a Ruger SP101 or a LCR. The LCR is polymer & lightweight. You can add a XS front sight & a Crimsontrace lasergrip too.
Most lethal force incidents take place in low light/darkness.
If you really want a semi auto pistol, see the new Walther PPX in .40S&W/9mm(9x19mm), the HK P30 or P2000 LEM(Law Enforcement Modification) in .40, .357sig, 9x19mm. The Beretta PX4 C(constant) in .40S&W/9mm could do well. I owned a C model PX4 full size in 2009. I only sold it due to $$$ problems.
S&W offers the top rated SD40 & SP9 semi auto pistols. They would protect you well & conceal w-o problems.
For a concealed sidearm(weapon) you want no rough or sharp edges. It should feel like a well used bar of soap.
Only use factory made ammunition for protection & carry too. No handloads or reloaded rounds. I know handgun rounds are now $1.00-1.50 per rd now but I'd still get a well made factory load; Ranger T/T Series, Hornady Critical Duty, DPX, Speer Gold Dot etc.
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