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Open carry is my preferred way of carrying a handgun. Honestly until the anti-gunners tried to ban guns in 1993-94 I never owned one. I bought my first gun for $350 dollars(a Norinco AK-47 in the spring of 1987) when I was in the army and that was enough for me, no big deal and it was my favorite past time to go and shoot it on the weekends. I still have it and bought another post ban one around 2000, no difference except the bayonet mount and the single piece buttstock.

The only reason that I did go and buy a handgun was that I did enjoy shooting the then new M9 Beretta 9mm pistols that were being issued to replace the Colt 45 ACPs. I had a choice of buying a Browning Hi-Power, a Ruger P85 or one of the newly marketed Glocks. I chose the Ruger because of the price, looking back I think I should have chosen the Browning, I just appreciate it's lines, tight lockup and exposed hammer. That hasn't changed.

I just personally believe in carrying guns the old way, open in a holster and gunbelt.
A Colt Python's trigger pull is as smooth, beautiful and artistic as a Sidewinder sliding on the desert floor. It is concepts like this that the anti-gunners can never comprehend and why we fight so hard to keep them.
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