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Might still be a shooter???

I was thinking though... could I fire a few balls or Minieballs through unpatched and use the lead fouling to actually smooth the barrel out?
Now this is a great question that most folks have never seen or asked. However, this happens more often than you think. You are talking old-school "Buckskinner" stuff. Bottom line is, you won't have much luck and will probably be relagated to the wall. I have cleaned up pitted bores and they shot suprisingly well. I always read the patches or sabots to see what the effects are. Right off, your patch will be destoyed long before it leaves the barrel. Accuracy will be effected but you will have to determine this, yourself. Just shoot light loads. These bores are not much fun to work with. ....

Some time back, I read an article on smoothing these up, in an effort to reduce the effects of the pitting and fouling. I don't remember the process but perhaps others might.. ...

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