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Concealed, carry methods, dress styles...

For general or everyday carry, I would use a simple strong-side(firing hand) belt holster in the FBI cant or regular carry method. Your hip will help conceal it and you have weapon retention/security from any snatching or grabs in a critical incident or street fight.
A level II or retention holster like a Blackhawk SERPA or Safariland ALS-SFS rig can security your firearm but allow a smooth, fast draw too.
I'd wear a vest like a 5.11 or from SIG Sauer. It won't look out of place & will conceal your weapon.
5.11, Woolrich, Blackhawk; and a few other sources have garments or clothes with concealed areas. These shirts jackets vests etc are for "quiet professionals".
Get well made, quality gear or kit too. Cheap or sub standard holsters/gear may break or fall apart.
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