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Let me make it clear that I am not at all talking about the seller here, as I believe the original price was fair. I am also not really talking about he buyers. I am simply confused, and a little worried, that guns like this are so high.

I think we can all agree that a GP100 is a very nice gun that is worth having. I just do not see how this price listed came to be. I know, at least around here, that "ALL" Ruger DA revolvers are hard to find, I just didn't think they were in such demand to the point of being $300-400 more than usual.

The the scamming part has me wondering, because if you type GP100 in GB you come across several NIB GPs that you can Buy Now for much lower than $900; though they are still high in my opinion.

I remember a little before Christmas I was thinking of buying a GP off Budsgunshop for a little over $500, but I said to myself "Wait till after Christmas, you will have more money and there will be better deals." I think I have learned my lesson. If you want something, it is in stock, and you have the money(we are talking within reason here), but it. Don't let $50-$100 in savings change you mind.

Boy, if only I had bought several GPs for $500, I could be in the money right now.
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