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Rem "Golden Bullet" .22

After not finding any ammo for a couple months I was pretty excited to find a bunch of bulk .22 at a local General Store. They were selling 525 packs of Remington GB's at $19, which isn't exactly a steal, but was - for around here anyway - a pretty decent price for a general store in the best of times.

So - since I don't know when I'm going to find ammo again, and despite it's reputation - I bought the 7 boxes that they had. 3675 rounds is kind of a lot to buy as a trial run, but most of the local places are gouging the crap out of their prices - if and when they actually have anything. I was also worried that if I didn't buy it all someone else would - which *I know* is how this whole shortage got started in the first place.

Anyway, long story short, it seems to be running through my 22/45 just fine. I've shot maybe a couple hundred without any failures, and if I don't go too crazy I should be set on practice ammo at least through spring. It did shoot a little lower (~2"@25yds) than the Federal Match I was using before, but the group size seems to be pretty comparable (~4"@25yds unsuported is the best I can manage with either of them).

One of the big complaints I hear is that it's dirty, but the silver lining to that cloud is that maybe after cleaning the 22/45 another few dozen times I'll be able to to it easily.

So, I just thought I'd put that out there. For this guy at least, the Golden Bullet seems to work as well as anything else.
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