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Al Norris
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DASHZNT, your last two posts in this thread, show not only your fatalistic approach to the "Way Things Are," but it also shows another thing that is wrong with this country. Apathy. That is, you just don't care to get involved. Not worth your time or effort.

That's fine. You certainly have the right to feel that way. You even have the right to express that view, in the proper venue.

That venue is not here. You don't have the right to "crap" all over other peoples threads, when those threads are about activism in watching and reporting scheduled legislation that would diminish our rights or activism in restoring our rights.

I'm not about to let other peoples work in this direction, take a back seat, just because you don't think it will help and/or you don't want to help.

In plain language, take your attitude somewhere else.
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