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new rifle man

all the information was right on. but the most important is knowing what round is used in that rifle. the different grain sizes are the weight of the bullet, and it can differ by the propellent used in the round. the modern bullets you buy in 20 round packages by law will have the velocity the round is traveling at different yards. The military surplus rounds will come packaged differently, maybe 48 round box or a clothbandolier. usually the date of manufacturer will appear next to the primer. and packaging some will have corrosive on the box. If you shoot it wash your barrel with a mixture of dawn/alcohaul/ water soapy patch. I run the patch several times changing with a fresh patch each time. dry it with a patch run hoppies and a oil patch to store. I just say this due to the M-1 you mentioned. I think you will like your rifle be safe and shoot clean Sunny
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