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I wear much the same clothes, and am pretty much the same size (6', 235lbs).
First, if you don't already have a gun I'd suggest something in the 4" barrel size rather than a full sized 5". It's pleanty big for nightstand duty, and much easier to wear all day.
What works for me is carrying in a tuckable IWB holster (I like crossbreed) at about 5:00. I find that since my shoulders are bigger than my waist there's a natural pocket of loose shirt at my back that hides a gun pretty well without having to wear a jacket. It works well for my PPQ. With a longer barreled gun it might be uncomfortable to sit.
With practice you can get a gun out of a tuckable holster pretty quick. You might not win any quick draw contests, but as long as you're paying attention to your surroundings you shouldn't have too much trouble getting it out if trouble's coming your way.
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