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Personally, I like the bunny with the pancake on it's head the best and the cat wearing the tin foil hat with tin foil ears second best. Between the two, they say everything that I was thinking about this thread...Well except for this: People have a problem pulling the trigger to take down a pistol because almost all ND's happen when a trigger is pulled. Of those, most are thought to be empty guns.

A high school friend of mine was shot & killed in our high school parking lot by another of my friends my freshman year when he pulled the trigger on an empty gun... except it wasn't so empty! The friend who pulled the trigger killed himself some years later because he never got over killing his friend.

Because of that experience in the 9th grade I am kind of OCD when it comes to being sure a gun is empty before I pull the trigger on a gun to clean it. I always assume I'm going to hear a "BOOM" every time I pull it. It sure makes me think twice & look 4 times!!!!
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