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DPris and FrankenMauser are correct. I said the stamp on the barrel indicated where the gun was made, when it actually just indicates a time frame of when the barrel was made. Undoubtedly batches of REP barrels were sent to the old plant, and batches of old JM barrels were taken to the new plant. Guns made during the transition period around probably 2008-2011 would be nearly impossible to figure out the date and location of manufacture without looking up the serial #. Looking at the barrel stamp is something you can do quickly at a gun show or in a store for a quick reference, but its not a sure thing. But there were reports of a lack of quality control from the time Freedom Group bought Marlin in '07, so to be safe, I'd look for an older Marlin. I'm not saying there weren't any good Marlin's made after 2007, just that there might have been a few more bad ones.
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