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Regardless of what mind set you're in, are distracted, or whatever someone's excuse may be, accidents don't happen when handling a firearm safely, it's that simple. The whole deal with the remington 700 and a faulty safety being blamed for deaths, which I agree that shouldnt have ever left the factory with that trigger assembly but just look at the cardinal rules of hunter safety, 3 in particular: keep firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times, treat every firearm as if it was loaded, and, firearms are man-made devices prone to failure. If you can't follow those then do everyone a favor and wait to buy or handle a firearm until you can intelligently handle and respect a firearm. All of these urban cowboys that buy guns and think they are so "cool" because they have a gun, are the people at the range looking down the end of the barrel after their gun jams, and shooting one handed as fast as they can like they saw in the movies, if that applies to you please give your guns to a state buyback program because thats why my 2nd amendment rights are at stake, because stupid city folks cant keep their head on straight. Yuppies with guns scare me more than criminals with guns, thats for sure.
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