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? on best CC position for me

Good Afternoon!

If this thread is in the wrong place, I apologize.

I am trying to determine what to carry and more importantly where. I understand a lot is trial and error, to see what fits comfortably, but I am hoping with some of the info I give you that there are certain spots that will have a better shot of working out.

I am 6'1" about 235, (working on getting back down to 200, but i love food) and work in Real Estate and Insurance. My typical attire is nice jeans and a polo, tucked in. Suit and tie just isn't me. My desire is to carry full size, I understand it isn't always the best decision, but based on budget constraints, at this time, 1 handgun will be carried and put in the night stand. I am just more comfortable shooting full size.

I understand tucked in shirts aren't the "best" practice for CC but having something is better than nothing. Warm weather attire for me is typically khaki/cargo shorts and a tee shirt, and I am Indiana, one year we get 9 months of sweatshirts and the next year we get 3. Also a state that allows open carry but I am not going to be that guy.

Thanks for the help guys, Like I said, if I am in the wrong spot then please direct me where to go!

I'll answer any questions y'all have that may help out!
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