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I did adjust both FL sizing dies to minimize shoulder setback. It resulted in better groups (slightly better) from the standard Redding FL sizing die. Adjustment didn't do much for the Redding bushing die. I'm still thinking that the bushing die should produce more accurate ammo than it does in my hands. Still, it would have to get seriously better to come even close to what the Lee Collet die did.

Or maybe you asked if I tried the Shoulder bump with the Type S die (without bushing) and then used the Lee Collet die. No, I didn't do that. It was next on my list, but when I got a one-holer from the Lee I just left it alone. Maybe I'll try it tomorrow, but how much better could it get? Once the cases start needing a bump, that's when I will most certainly use the bushing die (no bushing) to set the shoulder back a touch.
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