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I don't think they've sold a box. You can't tell me that the LGS down the road that's a one man operation run out of a 70's model single wide trailer gets priority over Walmart. He is currently having no trouble coming up with 5.56, 9mm, .40, and .45. It ain't dirt cheap or anything, but it's available.
t's not logical or reasonable to think that the largest gun retailer in the US would ALWAYS, EVERY WEEK, get its full order to the exclusion of every other outlet.
I agree with the second statement.

Having worked in retail, large and small, perhaps I can explain a few things some may not know.

Walmart is huge and it negotiates its prices. It pays way less for the same exact items as smaller retailers, sometimes a huge amount less. additionally walmart almost certainly directly buys direct from manufactures and distributes itself where most small stores, in this case LGSs. is almost certainly be buying ammo and supplies from a wholesaler in the middle.

So the makers have an interest in selling to the smaller stores, and regional wholesalers because they pay the manufacturer more for the same product. Wal-Mart has the negotiating advantage over makers for price and supply a in a time of surplus, but that supply advantage disappears during scarcity once they have sold their contracted amount. the contracts between walmart and ammo makers probably have been fulfilled. a maker of ammunition would not favor Wal-Mart during scarcity.

Secondly it very likely many of the small gun shops bought up a goo deal Wal-Mart's supplies even at retail costs anyway. During either surplus times or potential scarcity that price may well beat the price they get at wholesale.
For my dad' store we used to buy cans tuna at the local large chain. They sold it for about half of what we could buy it wholesale.

there are a combination of other factors this time around, the government has certainly bought massive amounts. The fact that people have new guns means there is a lot of training. On top of that people who are cautious would definaetly be stockpiling some amount, whether it be for three or four training sessions down the road, or more. Lastly in free markets individuals buy with the hope of reselling for a profit.
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