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Originally Posted by JN01
But somehow it IS hard to deliberately check the chamber before your field strip a striker fired pistol?
Think about it.

Takedown for cleaning is generally a routine task. Think about it- if you clean the gun after shooting you've been to the range, you drove home, you may even be thinking about the tasks you'll do when you're done. You might even have thought you cleared the weapon at the range before packing up. Easy to be distracted and forget.

Dry fire practice is not generally done in the same state of mind (at least, that's not when I do it). One is thinking "I need to practice, but I don't want to actually SHOOT something. Let's double and triple check everything." Your mind is on the task and you're actively thinking about it.

Different mindsets. Cleaning can be done in a less attentive frame of mind than actual practice.

But still- is it your position that pulling the trigger when NOT intending to fire a round (but rather performing disassembly) is every bit as safe as never having to pull the trigger? Or is your position that it is a potential problem that can be managed but requires extra attention to safety?

If you believe the latter, we are in agreement. It does indeed require very detailed attention to safety- attention that should be given anyway, but has in the past presented a danger to those who have been distracted.

If you believe the former, we disagree. I don't see how there's any way an additional pulling of the trigger could ever be considered as safe as not needing to do so.
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