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I am not apposed to kids playing with guns, I teach mine how to use the real ones. I figure it is safer to teach them to use and respect them than leave a blind fascination with a dangerous item.

I would have to be careful if I had real ones and air soft ones that looked and handled the same, it could lead to some misunderstandings for sure.

However I teach my kids with every gun, if it shoots anything, you always treat it as loaded. Considering with the airsoft there is chance of injury over say nerf... I would have to treat that a little more seriously.

I could see it being a media frenzy the first time a kid (or irresponsible adult) picked up the real one thinking it was the airsoft, and popped off one in the wrong place.

But then again, this is not the cause of the problem, just the effect.

So no flame from me, entitled to an opinion.
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