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I guess to give some more information to thank those of you who posted. I do shoot a lot, not as much as I like but about 750 rounds a month in spring and summer just from a handgun. I worked armed security, had much training and shoot in a pin handgun league.
As for the poster who questioned the lack of a revolver, I love revolvers and would not think twice about eventually having one in rotation. In fact I have money saved to buy my little sister her "dream gun" for cc. She is a huge revolver fan. I know that they can be worn comfortably and conceiled but I would like to carry 24/7 and feel IWB would be slightly more difficult. The problem I see with this is, I am fairly built/thin 225lbs and being only 22 years old I often dont wear clothes that are large and baggy. I really dont want to have to buy a new wardrobe to carry or have to leave my gun behind. I really dont care if it prints a whole lot but there is a difference from possibly being able to see it from time to time to all the time. Also as much as I love revolvers, I am much more used to the training, carrying and manipulating of a semi. The gun of these 3 that felt the least desireable was the XDS. It is actually the one I figured I would want the most but the one I held did not have the extended magazine and I have massive hands. Huge palms and long fingers. I am unsure where to trade off honestly, conceilability vs. pointability.

Again thank you for the help and information

P.S. I dont know whereI would be able to fire any of these. Many of my local ranges rent guns, but generally the "popular" guns that they sell. These are not in their selection. It would be really nice to feel beforehand but I honestly feel sufficient enough to be able to learn to shoot it very well.

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