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BOOK Report: Gunfight

Sounds like another look at the OK Corral, but it's actually a very thoughtful look at the 2A, how we got to Heller and, at least in author Adam Winkler's view, why the government will never be able to confiscate our guns ...

Winkler is a constitutional law prof (yep, just like Barry) at UCLA and while he is not a rabid gun fan, he does offer both sides of the current argument. He points out and emphasizes that we have always had both gun control and the freedom to own personal firearms.

While I learned a lot, mostly historical, this would be an excellent read for a friend or relative who's on the control side of the issue; I think it would convince him or her of the importance of the 2A in modern life and why the freedom to own and carry guns for SD is something worth fighting for.
"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." Albert Camus
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